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Fujian jinhua integrated circuit co. LTD


Fujian jinhua integrated circuit co., LTD. Is an advanced integrated circuit manufacturer jointly established by fujian electronic information group and jinjiang energy investment group co., LTD.The company has developed technical cooperation with Taiwan lianhua electronics co., LTD., invested usd 5.65 billion to build 12-inch memory wafer factory production line in jinjiang city, fujian province, develop advanced memory technology and manufacturing process, and carry out manufacturing and sales of related products.The company takes it as its mission to realize the localization of integrated circuit chips, aiming to become an integrated circuit memory (DRAM) manufacturer with advanced technology and independent intellectual property system.

The 171 Internet intelligent low-voltage cabinet iPanel provided by our company for jinhua, fujian province has been sent to the site in April, 2018. All cabinets were accepted and sent to the site in August. IPanel saves space and cost for users with its flexible and efficient technical scheme and high reliability technical parameters, providing safe and reliable power protection.