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Tsinghua enlightenment park project


In the project of tsinghua enlightening park, the client's requirements for property management are relatively comprehensive on the whole, not only the management requirements of power consumption, but also centralized water supply management.

Based on this requirement, our company has provided a comprehensive energy management system solution for it. The water meter and electricity meter distributed in each region are transformed intelligently, realizing the requirement of centralized monitoring of hydropower energy and becoming an important starting point of property management.


1. Remote real-time monitoring of electricity meter parameters: it realizes real-time monitoring and storage of current, voltage, power, electricity and other power parameters.

2. Decentralized meter reading becomes centralized monitoring, and data is updated in real time to realize remote meter reading.

3. Classified statistics of electric quantity and water quantity, and made statements, analysis and comparison reports.

4. Reserved interface to facilitate subsequent measurement of gas, heat and other ener