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Product Introduction

Lasted Internet intelligent brand switchgear iPanel combines highly reliable (such as: main bus Icw = 100KA, vertical bus Icw = 85KA, anti-internal failure arcing 100KA, 0.5s, seismic intensity 9 degrees, etc.) and intelligent (such as: busbar temperature monitoring、leakage monitoring, internal fault arcing monitoring and other intelligent power distribution monitoring or diagnosis systems, Internet energy management systems) for the first time.It has led the distribution industry to move from a functionalized era to an intelligent era.查看更多 >



Artificial Intelligence Technology

Big Data Analysis


assets management
   Analyzing the service life and maintenance of key components such as distribution cabinets and circuit breakers helps users understand the equipment usages.


cloud services

Cloud service can reduce the cost of user operation and maintenance effectively, and improve the efficiency of enterprise operation.

comprehensive strength 


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