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Shenlong electric intelligent power (2018) expo was grandly opened at Sheng Chuang college on oct 19.

We will change the backward situation in the field of power distribution so that every user can enjoy the Internet


In October 19th, Shenglong electric intelligent power (2018) exposition opened in Shenglong pioneering college.
Professor Liu Daoyu, a famous educator and former president of Wuhan University and President of Shenglong College of Entrepreneurship, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer. Xie Hongchao, President of the group, released the new product.

Shenglong Electric's three new products, including Internet Intelligent Medium and Low Voltage Solutions, Intelligent Energy and Park Software Systems, Artificial Intelligence and Internet Cloud Services, have realized the leap from "functionalization to intelligence" in the field of distribution power, from "digitization to data" and from "theory to practice". Development.

The Expo attracted more than 100 well-known enterprises in the electrical industry, including Schneider, ABB, Siemens and other international first-line brands, to participate in the exhibition or show the industry's latest smart electricity products and services. More than 2000 partners attended nearly 10000 professional spectators.


Moderator: Wuhan TV host, "golden microphone" award winner Yin Chenfang


Activity scene

1. Welcome Ceremony

Cadet chorus "song of Sheng Long"


Sheng Chuang college students welcome the guests, chorus song of Sheng long.

2. Recitation

Sheng Long's 2018 -- to the new industry of smart electricity


Sheng Chuang college recites "Sheng Long's 2018 - to the new industry of intelligent electricity"

3. Sponsor's Speech


Professor Liu Daoyu, renowned educator, former president of Wuhan University and President of Shenglong College of Entrepreneurship, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizer

Good morning, everyone! I am entrusted by the chairman of Shenglong Electric Group, Xie Yuande, and now declare the 2nd Shenglong Electric Intelligent Power Expo officially opened! I would like to extend my warm welcome to the leaders and guests from more than 2000 enterprises at home and abroad. To the leaders and employees of Shenglong Company to carry forward the spirit of innovation, and constantly introduce new intelligent power products to pay tribute to the achievements made!

As you will recall, on September 22, last year, the first Shenglong Electrical Intelligent Power Exposition began, in that opening ceremony, I said that we are in an intelligent society, intelligence will change all areas of society, and even can be said to "adapt to the survival, not adapt to the death".

However, only a year from now, the wave of intelligence has been fiercely attacking us. It was last month that the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, known as the world's inventor factory, established the Academy of Artificial Intelligence. This is the world's first smart college, invested a billion dollars by Blackstone Group's Mr. Su Shimin, adding 50 faculty posts at MIT to further research smart products. The president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced that the college will train bilingual talents. The bilingual talents I understand are compound talents. He said that in the fields of chemistry, biology, physics, politics, economy, history and literature, we will cultivate talents with superb intelligence and technology.

So what does the wave of intellectualization come to us? What does it mean? It shows that intellectualization has a deeper impact on our society's production, logistics, life, and even on our way of thinking. What does it mean? It does not mean that intellectualization can be arbitrary, can hurt nature, can abandon the love of relatives, can transcend the bottom line of human ethics. This is not acceptable. History has repeatedly warned us that when a wave strikes us ferociously, we should think in reverse. That is to say, we should think about the adverse effects of intellectualization.

What are the disadvantages of intellectualization?

Artificial intelligence robots will gradually replace human labor, which will lead to a large number of unemployment, causing social unrest. Artificial intelligence, will make our study, life, travel more convenient, at the same time, will also make people more lazy. According to Darwin's theory of evolution, if the human brain is not used, it will lead to the deterioration of our intelligence. This is neither alarmist nor Arabian Nights.

So, how do we deal with it? I think the future of intelligence is optimistic. We believe in human reason, and people will guide our intellectual development with reason and ethics. I also hope that our intelligent development will proceed in the right direction. We hope that all of us here, as well as all the intelligent researchers and businesses, will move in the right direction. The correct direction is to maximize the benefits of intellectualization to mankind, and at the same time, to reduce the side effects of intellectualization to zero, which is the correct direction we should follow.

4. Start Ceremony

Representatives from all sides jointly launched the Expo.


Professor Liu Daoyu, the famous educator, the former president of Wuhan University and the president of Shenglong College of Entrepreneurship, Yuan Shanla, the former executive vice mayor of Wuhan City, Sun Qiaosheng, the former director and deputy secretary-general of Hubei Provincial Government, Zhang Zong of Wuhan Metro Group, and Li Zongguo of ABB Group, jointly launched the 2008 Grand exposition.

5. New product launch


Dr. Xie Hongchao, group president, launches new product

New Product



Internet intelligent low and medium voltage solution(iPanel)

It includes a new generation of intelligent medium voltage cabinet and low voltage cabinet. Their greatest feature is the use of our company's unique artificial intelligence technology, this artificial intelligence technology will power distribution industry experts experience and large data analysis organic combination, can be found similar to the busbar bolt loosening so seemingly small, but very serious consequences of anomalies, so as to achieve early warning, prevention in the future. IPanel's unique artificial intelligence technology can also carry out intelligent self-inspection of equipment, early warning of insulation aging, power quality and other security risks, and through calculation and analysis, the load operation can be adjusted to the best state. Since its launch last year, the iPanel has been widely used by users in many industries because of its high reliability and intelligence.

Smart energy and Park Software System(iOVE 2 System

iOVE software system integrates intelligent power, intelligent energy, intelligent production and other modules into a whole system through the cloud platform. Through the combination of industry experts'experience and large data analysis, we can realize the digitization and digitization, and enhance the wisdom and efficiency of power, energy and infrastructure operation. At present, the iOVE system has been widely used in various fields at home and abroad, and has been highly recognized by users.

Artificial intelligence and Internet cloud services (ovelec Cloud

Shenglong new product exhibition area





6. Guest speech


Schneider electric (China) Co., Ltd., National Sales Department, sales director, central China, Wang Qian

Good morning, everyone! I'm Wang Qian from Schneider electric. It is a great honor to be invited again to participate in the intelligent electricity Expo of Shenglong electric company. This grand exposition, once again gathered more than 100 influential domestic and foreign electrical industry partners, more than 2,000 customers, Shenglong Electric can continue to hold such a grand event, really extraordinary.

At last year's grand exposition, Shenglong Electric put forward a unique vision, distinctive features of the "400 strategy", and the university government across the country to interact with a wide range of talents, and put forward the slogan of "Intelligent Electricity Guarantee 20 years". Shenglong embarked on a deep layout of the national market, actively expanding the overseas market, and pushed forward the integration of power technology and digital Internet technology to a new high-quality development path, opening a new chapter in the development of the industry.

This year is the 39th anniversary of the founding of Shenglong Electric Co., Ltd. We have seen Shenglong come along the way, not forgetting its original intention, creating a unique "group boss" system, a unique Shenglong culture, resulting in different market effects. This is the same as Schneider Electric's "benefit can not be independent" partnership strategy, which is the same practice guiding principle in different environments.

In 2017, on the 30th anniversary of Schneider's entry into China, Schneider's Chinese leadership was renewed, and the new leadership put forward the policy of digitization, stock business and industry automation. Shenglong also coincidentally put forward a new commodity of "Intelligent Electricity Guarantee 20 years", and raised the banner of the development of science and technology service enterprises. Leading groups of both sides held a unique and win-win Summit Forum on new development measures at Shenglong Electric.

The common development experience, the good cooperation effect, the common good vision, impels both sides the business development team to walk closer in the big wave of change, the hand pulls tighter. Smartpanels, which we have been working with Shenglong Electric in recent years, is only the first step in our cooperation in digital and technological services. In the future, we will do a better job in sharing more resources and advantages for our common customers to enhance energy management and power efficiency and digitize China's distribution equipment manufacturing industry. The transformation and even the upgrading of China's entire industry will add bricks and mortar.

The successful holding of the two Shenglong Intelligent Electricity Expositions shows the latest achievements of Shenglong Electric in the field of intelligent electricity use, and shows the strength and confidence of Shenglong Electric in moving towards the prosperity of science and technology, the prosperity of service, and the great strides forward in achieving high-quality development. Schneider Electric is also more convinced that deep cooperation between the two sides will become a model for enterprise cooperation.

As a partner, Schneider Electric itself has gone through a century of infrastructure process, has experienced the process from France to the world, Schneider is willing to work together with Shenglong Electric, to create a century of prosperity of the foundation, for the process of Shenglong to the world to provide a partner strength.

We believe that, with the deepening of bilateral cooperation, in the tide of industrial restructuring, the two sides will work together to win one victory after another!

Finally, I wish this conference a complete success, and I sincerely wish our partners a more prosperous tomorrow! Thank you!


Hong Haining, general manager of central China, energy management group, SIEMENS (China) Co., Ltd.

I am Hong Haining from SIEMENS. Today I am honored to participate in the 2018 Sheng Bang Expo held by Shenglong electric company. Good morning, everyone!

Yesterday, China's stock market fell to the lowest level in recent years, but today in Shenglong Electric I feel the spring is full of vitality, I feel the enthusiasm of Shenglong people!

After 40 years of rapid development, Shenglong Electric has become a banner of China's national electrical industry. Shenglong Electric first put forward the "group boss system" in the industry, organic to achieve the harmonious unity of enterprise development and employee development; last year put forward the "400 strategy" is to promote enterprise development to a new height.

Siemens, as one of the world's largest electronics and electrical enterprises, has actively led the global electrification and digital transformation in recent years, and was selected by Fortune Magazine last year as the world's most respected multinational enterprise in 2017. Siemens was founded in 1847 and entered the Chinese market in 1872. Especially in the forty years of China's reform and opening up, we have been deeply involved in it. At present, Siemens has 70 operating companies in China. Its business areas involve energy management, industry, buildings, power generation, rail transit, medical and other business areas. Siemens is one of the largest foreign investment enterprises in China.

Shenglong Electric is one of the most important partners of Siemens Energy Management Group in Central China. We have successfully cooperated in rail transit, Power Supply Bureau and many key projects.

"Broad and profound, concentric" is SIEMENS's corporate manifesto. We look forward to growing together with our partners. Finally, I wish Shenglong electric development to flourish and develop into a century old enterprise. At the same time, it is also expected that SIEMENS and Shenglong electric cooperation can go up to a higher level.

7. Visit and Negotiate











8. Art Show








9. Tidbit


Activity scene



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