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On May 8, guanggu electric opened a hotline service number: 400-000-9010.

On July 1, optical valley electric passed the certification of "hubei information system qualification certification center" and obtained the "information system integration and service qualification level 4 certificate" issued by "China electronic information industry federation".

On July 4, he obtained the copyright of iOVE2000 intelligent electrical fire cloud platform software issued by the national copyright administration.

On July 7, optical valley electric was evaluated by the chief appraiser of the SEI (American society for software engineering) and obtained the CMMI L3 (software capability maturity model integration level 3) certificate.

On July 17, optics valley electric and wuhan university of science and technology signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement.

On August 8, optical valley electric passed the examination of "hubei software industry association" council and became "group member of hubei software industry association".

Optical valley electric obtained the utility model patent of "iPanel low-voltage distribution cabinet drawer unit to prevent accidental tripping/closing system" and the iPanel appearance design patent.

Optical valley electric obtained iPanel 400v-690v, ods5-100 double power supply CCC certification.

Optical valley electric's iPanel is successively applied to heji international building in guangzhou, ningde new energy production base in fujian, jinhua chip production base in fujian, chengdu medical city and other projects.

Optical valley electric's intelligent power distribution monitoring system is applied in the xiongan new district citizen service center project.

Optical valley electrical column head cabinet ipanel-idc applied in Shanghai data center.

Optical valley electric iOVE2000 intelligent power management system applied to Beijing public security bureau project.


On February 21, the developed active filter cabinet ove-apf and intelligent capacitor OVE800R obtained the European Union CE certification.

In may, the 2000A capacity active filter cabinet in the project of hubei maple line industry co., ltd. was put into operation successfully.

On May 1, the project was funded by the wuhan science and technology bureau.

On May 17, our company obtained the invention patent of "serial programming interface device for multiple MCU".

On June 26, the mixed compensation cabinet was developed and the type test report was obtained.

In July, the first precision header cabinet IDC was successfully developed.

In September, it won the title of top 100 innovative private enterprises in wuhan.

On September 22, shenglong electric intelligent power exposition was held, new products were released, and contract orders reached a new high.

In October, it obtained CCC certification of "precision header cabinet IDC 10a-400a, 10KA", "precision header cabinet iPanel-IDC 100a-630a, 15KA" and "iPanel 100v-400v" issued by China quality certification center.

On October 10, smooth valley electric obtains "hubei province housing and urban and rural construction hall" issue "BLDG enterprise qualification certificate -- electron and intelligence project major contract level 2" certificate.

On October 17, optical valley electric passed the certification of "Beijing zoomlion tianrun certification center" and obtained the occupational health and safety management system certification (OHSAS 18001:2007) and the environmental management system certification (ISO 14001:2015).

In November, iPanel obtained 8 and 9 seismic intensity inspection reports and obtained CE and ICE certification.

In November, hybrid compensation cabinet was put into use in jiangxi meiling project.

On November 28, optical valley electric passed the "China quality certification center (CQC)" certification, and obtained the "quality management system certification certificate (ISO 9001:2015)".

In December, iOVE intelligent power distribution software system was successively applied in tsinghua enlighten garden, red T fashion creative block, qinshan nuclear power plant and other projects.

Optical valley electric obtained the software copyright of iOVE2000 energy management system based on iPanel of intelligent low-voltage distribution cabinet, iOVE2000 distribution management system and iOVE2000 electricity payment system issued by the national copyright administration.


On January 15, obtained patent application subsidy from wuhan intellectual property office.

On March 4, it was awarded the "hubei intelligent power distribution automation engineering technology research center" by hubei provincial department of science and technology.

On March 21, optical valley electric research and development center was invited to participate in the standard formulation of power demand response control system specification for industrial park.

In July, zhongguancun intelligent power industry technology alliance was jointly established with tsinghua university, Beijing energy group, zhangjiagang intelligent power research institute, Beijing state grid power technology and other companies, as the vice chairman of the unit.

On July 11, Beijing state grid optical valley technology co., ltd. was jointly established by state grid electric and state grid electric.

In September, the first batch of iPanel intelligent low-voltage cabinet products were used in the projects of the organs directly under the central committee of the communist party of China.

On September 2, iPanel intelligent low-voltage cabinet obtained 3C certification.

On September 18, it won the intellectual property award and subsidy from wuhan science and technology bureau.

In October, iOVE2000's internet-based smart power distribution project was successfully implemented in wanda, minhai biological and other projects.

On October 13, the group company "wuhan enterprise research and development center" was awarded the license by wuhan science and technology bureau.

In November, optical valley electrical circuit breakers passed the British standard ASTA test.

On November 2nd, he was invited to attend the 6th sino-us smart grid seminar.

In December, the automatic production line of optical valley electrical circuit breaker was successfully debugged in wuhan intelligent workshop.

On December 1st, iPanel new product launch conference was held in shangri-la hotel, tianjin.

On dec 12, Dr. Xie hongchao was awarded "hubei industry professor" by hubei education department.

On December 26, "iPanel low-voltage switchgear" and "intelligent capacitor cabinet 0VE600" were recognized as the second batch of high-tech products in hubei province in 2016 by hubei provincial science and technology department and statistics bureau.

After 3 years of expert examination, the invention patents of harmonic protector and active filter cabinet, smart capacitor cabinet, header cabinet, smart capacitor cabinet and smart circuit breaker were successively approved.