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As large public places, colleges and universities have scattered teaching, life, entertainment and other energy use projects, with unclear energy consumption data and no energy saving measures, resulting in huge waste.In addition, due to the early construction of power distribution system, with the development and expansion (the addition of air conditioning and other facilities), problems such as insufficient monitoring of power distribution system, high load, equipment aging become more serious, and some requirements for operation, maintenance and electrical safety are put forward.

IOVE wisdom college solutions, real-time monitoring of various energy consumption situation, dormitory and shops network fee, and adjust the equipments according to the school load condition reasonable start-stop condition, project in colleges and universities to provide customized energy-saving solutions, such as according to schedule to the classroom air conditioning, according to the time allocation of teaching life area can use situation and so on.With energy monitoring as the breakthrough point, it also provides users with multi-scene modes such as power monitoring, electrical safety warning, intelligent operation and maintenance, etc., so as to save energy and reduce consumption while maintaining the safety of electricity use for teachers and students.

Case study:

In the past, the management mode of air conditioning in hubei university of economics was to arrange fixed personnel to switch on and off the air conditioning power supply at regular intervals every day, which led to a waste of power, a large human input and low efficiency. The air conditioning control problem brought heavy burden to the school.

In view of this problem, our company has implemented the intelligent energy-saving transformation for the school. According to the timetable, the air conditioner is automatically and accurately timed controlled, which not only provides a comfortable environment for teachers and students, but also saves a lot of manpower and material resources for users due to air conditioning problems