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Safety Notice

General knowledge of electricity,Common electrical safety signage,Power distribution room safety management system


一、General knowledge of electricity

1) Disassembled, broken or exposed live parts must be wrapped in insulation in a timely manner and placed in places that are difficult for people to touch.

2) Try to avoid live operation during work. It must be powered. It should be used with one hand as much as possible. The other hand can be placed in or behind the bag. Colleagues are best guarded.

3) When several people are working on electricians, if one of them needs to be connected to the power supply, they should notify others before turning on the power.

4) If you find that the high-voltage line is broken, do not approach, at least keep a distance of 8-10m, and report to the relevant departments in time.

5) If you find an electrical fault or a fire or a fire, immediately turn off the power switch. Do not use water or an acid or alkali foam fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire before the power is turned off.

二、Common electrical safety signage



Prohibition of closing, someone is working!

Stop, high pressure danger

Prohibited operation, someone works!

No climbing, high voltage danger!

No touch

No gloves

No Entry

Prohibit close

Ban fireworks

三、Power distribution room safety management system

1. Safety equipment should be arranged in the power distribution room, such as safety warning sign, ground marking, fire alarm system, fire extinguisher (usually using carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, dry powder fire extinguisher at transformer), mouse board, insulating mat, insulated gloves, insulated boots, Protective helmet, high and low voltage shaker, electroscope, insulated rod, etc.

2, the power distribution room should be lightning protection, rain, fire, anti-small animals and other "four defenses" work, pay attention to close the doors and windows, often check the protection net, seal protection.

3, the power distribution room should be equipped with all fire equipment and insulation appliances, placed neatly, regular inspections, to maintain effective and intact; management personnel can skillfully use fire equipment.

4. The operation of the power distribution equipment shall be carried out by the professionals in strict accordance with the operating procedures. The other personnel present shall only be inspected and shall not intervene; it is strictly forbidden to operate the two at the same time to avoid accidents.

5. Smoking is strictly forbidden in the power distribution room. It is strictly forbidden to bring inflammable and explosive dangerous goods into the power distribution room.

6. The maintenance personnel or other personnel need to enter the power distribution room and must enter with the consent of the management personnel.

7. Managers should regularly check the operation of facilities and equipment, identify hidden dangers, and arrange for professionals to handle them in time to ensure normal and safe power supply.

8. Managers should keep the ground, window sill and equipment of the power distribution room clean and dust-free.