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Artificial intelligence and Internet cloud services(ovelec Cloud)

Information island barriers of different control systems are broken by cloud technology, forming an overall information system platform.

2018-10-12 Beijing, China

        Our company's unique artificial intelligence technology combine 40 years industry expert experience with big data analysis, which is the biggest feature of our company's intelligent software and hardware products.

        For example, a hospital happened large-scale power failure last year in Beijing. It was finally found out that the reason was the bolt loose and falling between the horizontal busbars of the low-voltage switchgear, resulting in a short circuit and causing a serious accident.However, bolt loosening is a long-term and slow process. In this process, the change of relevant parameters is very small, which is difficult to be observed and predicted by manpower. It is necessary to use a lot of datum to analyze and compare with the historical data, so as to find the abnormality and give early warning.This requires the combination of accurate data analysis and expert experience technology, that is our artificial intelligence technology.In addition, it can also solve cable damage, insulation aging, equipment load rate change, circuit breaker life is insufficient, and other problems, so that the user can monitor the operation of the equipment at a glance, in order to prevent trouble in the future.

        In addition to security, AI technology can also help users manage energy efficiency.For example, schools can be arranged switch classroom air conditioning or automatic regulation of temperature according to the school schedule;It can also automatically adjust the load according to the total installed capacity and the actual load rate, save energy and avoid overload, and reduce the pressure of power distribution system.