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Internet intelligent medium & low voltage solution(iPanel)

The combination of medium & low voltage power distribution technology and digital technology, combined with unique artificial intelligence technology, makes the power distribution system more safely, intelligently and efficiently.

2018-08-01 Beijing, China

Internet intelligent medium & low voltage solution Includes the new generation of intelligent medium voltage switchgear and low voltage switchgear.The biggest feature of them is that they use our company's unique artificial intelligence technology which combines the experience of experts in the power distribution industry and big data analysis, which can find out the similarly small abnormalities like the bolt looseness of the busbar ,causing very serious consequences.IPanel's unique artificial intelligence technology can also perform intelligent self-inspection on equipment, give early warning of security risks such as insulation aging and power quality, and adjust the load operation to the best state through calculation and analysis.iPanel has been widely used by users in many industries relying on its high reliability and intelligence when it was released lase year.