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exhibition activities

Artificial intelligence and Internet cloud services(ovelec Cloud)

Beijing, China 2018-10-12

Information island barriers of different control systems are broken by cloud technology, forming an overall information system platform.

exhibition activities

Intelligent energy and park software system(iOVE 2 System)

Beijing, China 2018-10-03

We can provide diversified intelligent solutions for industrial users in parks, hospitals, universities, factories, data centers and other industries, and help enterprise users comprehensively improve efficiency by combining 40 years of industry experience with big data analysis

exhibition activities

Three series of new products were released at the Shenglong expo

Beijing, China 2018-10-01

Three series of new products were released, including Internet intelligent medium & low voltage solution, intelligent energy and park software system, artificial intelligence and Internet cloud services.

exhibition activities

Internet intelligent medium & low voltage solution(iPanel)

Beijing, China 2018-08-01

The combination of medium & low voltage power distribution technology and digital technology, combined with unique artificial intelligence technology, makes the power distribution system more safely, intelligently and efficiently.

Successful Story

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Our company won the bid and contracted the construction of the smart power project and smart energy system project of the international terminal of the 4E-class airport in the south.

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